Covering All Bases: How to Prepare Your Roof for the Summer Season

Gandv Roofing
April 8, 2024

With summer approaching, it’s time to give your roof a much-needed once-over. The freezing winter temperature and excess water from melting snow can impact the integrity of your roof. As a responsible homeowner, you must check if your roof can withstand the upcoming heat.

Even a tiny crack in the tile or missing shingle can compromise the roof’s integrity and can cost up to $3000 to repair. Let’s see how G and V Roofing keeps your roof in good shape.

How to Prepare Your Roof for the Summer Season

The Challenges of Summer

While winter temperatures and heavy rain can be pretty harsh on your roof, summer isn’t without its challenges. The sun’s UV rays can be pretty harsh, especially on asphalt shingles, which get used in 70% of all roofing jobs in the U.S. They can bleach the roof’s color and crack tiles or dry out shingles.

Another element roofs struggle with is strong winds. Any loose shingles or unstable slabs can get blown away or dislodged from their place. That leaves a gap for water to seep into the layer underneath and possibly leak into the house.

How To Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

To avoid potential damage to the exterior and interior of your house, you must thoroughly check your roof for damage at least once a year. An annual roof maintenance checklist will help you catch minor disrepairs and fix them before it's too late.

Visual Inspection

Give your roof a detailed once-over, checking for damaged areas. Depending on the roofing material, that can mean cracked clay tiles, curling shingles, or rusted metal sheets. See if water is pooling in a particular area or if a roof section seems loose.

Removing Debris

Winds or surrounding trees can deposit all manner of organic debris on your roof. Accumulated leaves and twigs can get stuck between the tiles and start to decompose, allowing for moss and mold to spread. Remove all unwanted particles from the roof and the gutters as well.

Replacing Missing or Damaged Pieces

Check for bare spots regularly and replace the pieces as soon as possible. The same goes for any damaged shingles or cracked tiles. Even a hairline crack can lead to water damage, and a speckle of rust on a metal sheet can spread to the rest. Replace the damaged pieces with new ones to preserve the roof’s structural integrity.

Repairing Flashing

Flashing further waterproofs your roof, so if it's bent or detached in places, it can’t do its job properly. A strong wind can also rip it off, taking the surrounding shingles with it or chipping the tile. See if the flashing lays flat and is securely attached to the roof.

Coating And Sealing

If you’ve made the effort to clean and repair your roof, you can take the opportunity to coat and seal it as well. A sealant will make it more rain-proof and water-resistant, and a coating will help it reflect harmful UV rays. Both treatments effectively preserve the quality of your roof and ensure its long-lastingness.

Find Roofing Solutions in New York

Don’t let Mother Nature run your pristine roof this summer. Prepare it for the upcoming season with G & V Roofing in Merrick, NY. We can do routine roof maintenance and minor and major repairs. Whether your roof needs a cleaning or a total overhaul, G and V Roofing has you covered.

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